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The G.U.T.S.™ Update ©

I wanted to make a lot of money. My business now generates a very high 7-figure lifestyle for my family and me. I attribute this to my G.U.T.S.™ 3- STEP SALES SYSTEM. We all have 24 hours in a day. Why do some of us make as much money as we want, while others keep struggling and go further into debt?

It’s not about which product or service. We’re probably all using good products and services. It’s that we’re not working as smart as we could. We’re not working in a systematic way, particularly in sales, marketing and prospecting.

The purpose of this book is to give you ideas about how to work smarter. This can be applied to any system. There are so many different ways to do Creative Real Estate. We get all this information, we do all this running around, but we aren’t achieving our financial goals. People do not give us commitments up-front. We end up giving away free information. Many of us become frustrated. We all know that feeling, right? We work really hard and Friday comes too fast. We’re emotionally drained and guess what? We didn’t go to the bank that week. We didn’t make money even though we were highly motivated and we had the best intentions. What we wanted to occur, didn’t.

I ultimately realized (because I was working as hard as anyone in Creative Real Estate when I first started) that I wasn’t working smart. I wasn’t qualifying properly. I have rights in the sales process. You have rights in the sales process. One of the key rules I want to teach you is that you have the right to qualify your prospects; whether they’re the buyer, the seller, an investor or another professional you are working with. You have to get the information, rather than give the information.

If you take my principles of the G.U.T.S.™ SALES SYSTEM and apply them to your Creative Real Estate business or any business that you are working with, you will see spectacular results. You will have more fun. Your self-esteem will increase. You’ll be working smarter. You’ll be happier. Of course, you will be much more profitable. There is only one problem with the G.U.T.S.™ Sales System. It’s quite different from what you’ve heard about before. You’re not going to give presentations. You’re not going to ask for the order 20 times. You’re not going to meet with a prospect until they're fully qualified. You're going to work smart, not hard.